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Who we are, and what we do at @SchoolsView?

We are the @schoolsview community. Funded, led, and organized with the efforts of 2 current NYCDOE school teachers. We feel it is time to bring transparency and democracy into the NYCDOE classroom. We collect star rating feedback from parents, students, and the general NYCDOE community. You can navigate the tabs above and rate teachers, schools, principals, and join our ongoing community of nearly 9 thousand members so far! Your feedback will help others, and will help us offer no cost mental health support to struggling teachers, schools, and administrators, and scholarships to our students!  

What makes us different


We were founded by 2 current NYCDOE teachers. We see what happens inside the classroom, we know were there is a need for change. We are part of the NYC community, here is where we live, we are part of your community, and together we are stronger.