Managing a group of children has always been a challenge, let alone trying to teach them something. It is not easy for all kinds of 15 years people, each with their interests and dreams could live together five days a week. Better not to mention when they belong to different cultures. However, new technologies can give you a hand and help you manage your class better. These apps will not only make classes more interactive, but they will allow you to improve the organization of your tasks, automate tasks.


1) Attendance App: this app will be
handy when it comes to passing list in your classes. With Attendance, there is
no need to update attendance reports manually. You can register the data and
images of your students and pass the list in a much more agile way. In
addition, it automatically collects the data and allows you to export them.

2) Remind App: this application will
enable you to send messages to students and keep parents informed at the same
time, from a system that allows sending personalized SMS to a closed list of
users. With Remind, there is no need to create a WhatsApp group. In addition,
you can send reminders and homework, as well as messages to parents. As a
complement to meetings with parents, Remind is perfect,

3) Too noisy App: this fun noise detector sounds an alarm in case the ambient noise exceeds a certain threshold. The app shows a graph which changes proportionally to the difficulties of noise in the classroom. As a teacher, you can use this app to apply some punishment if the students’ do not respect the limit.

4) Secretive App: this continuous assessment system makes it possible to involve students in the learning
process. Secretive allows you to create online quizzes with multiple answers,
true/false, or short answer for your students. Secretive also has educational
games and will enable you to create and send personalized cards to your
students with their grades.

5) Adobe Scan App: tired of accumulating documents, note sheets or reports in your portfolio? Adobe Scan will be quite useful for you. With a simple touch, you can automatically pass them to PDF format and consult them later in a relaxed way and anywhere from your smartphone. Among other options, Adobe Scan recognizes the texts in the photos making them editable. You can also edit the scanned PDF files.


6) ClassDojo App: this popular
application could not be missing in this list. Used in 90% of K-8 schools in
the United States, ClassDojo offers fun and straightforward way to manage
classroom behaviors. With ClassDojo, the teacher awards points to students for
good behavior and subtracts points for misconduct.


Each student has a customizable “monster” avatar with his total points
displayed. The teacher can have direct contact with the parents and send
reports and notes to them about the behavior of their children.


7) Stick Pick App: this app allows you
to differentiate the students’ level of instruction and manage their answers,
classifying them according to their level of competence. The app will match
each student with the questions that best suit their level of knowledge. You
can also randomly select students in case no one raises their hand when you ask
a question.


There will always be a technological solution available for the problem you face as a
teacher. However, you must never forget that technology does not substitute
your human touch; you and your students must be involved in its use. 


The aforementioned apps can be downloaded by navigating to the following links.


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