Our Mission


Our mission is set on the principles of Honesty, Professionalism, Dedication, Empathy, and Collaboration.

SchoolsVIEW is an organization founded and directed by a group of public school educators. SchoolsVIEW serves as a positive, and productive platform to growth and collaborate. We offer teachers, schools, principals, and assistant, principals, parental Involvement, and paraprofessional rating, We founded this platform to gather improvement data from New York, with plans to expand throughout the United States.

SchoolsView additionally offers a very consistent, and prominent blog page. Our blog page offers education articles, how to guides, and much more.

The more parental involvement, the more significant impact we will have. SchoolsVIEW promotes parental involvement, coupled with effective teachers equals the formula for success. We work hard for a positive result. For us, students always come first.

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