About Us


SchoolsVIEW is an independent entity founded and directed by two NYCDOE public school teachers. SchoolsVIEW serves as a window into our NYC public school classrooms. As NYC public school teachers we work hard to teach our students, not only academically but also personally. As teachers we work hard to make a difference in the lives of all our kids. However, not all teachers share the same view. Although working as teachers is not an easy job, teachers should always remember their philosophy of teaching. For most teachers, the students always come first, but sadly not for all. Through SchoolsVIEW we are working towards honestly, and transparency. Parents can simply log in and leave their honest feedback about their experience with their child’s school, teachers, and administrators. The more parents get involve the biggest impact we will have. We will encourage the NYCDOE to listen to the parents through our platform, to make all necessary changes in order to improve the general educational experience of all students, as well as the educators who really love what they do which is greatly appreciated.
The more parental involvement the bigger impact we will have. SchoolsVIEW will ultimately rid our great public schools of all bad apples.

Patterns of behavior through parental star rating feedback.