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SchoolsView Dynamic Mood Meter System for Schools

With SchoolsView Mood, emotional education transcends traditional barriers, championing an emotionally aware and proactive educational experience. Join us in redefining emotional literacy, one mood meter at a time. SchoolsView Mood transcends traditional barriers, championing an emotionally aware and proactive educational experience.

SchoolsView Mood Meter helps students learn about and manage their emotions, both inside and outside of the classroom. It was created by current and former NYCDOE teachers in the Bronx, and it can be used to prevent, implement, and adapt to unique circumstances in the often unsafe modern classroom.

Emotions can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for students. Students must deal with a variety of emotions while striving for academic success. SchoolsView can help students manage their emotions by providing them with resources and support. SchoolsView can also help students connect with other students and teachers who can offer them support and encouragement.

The SchoolsView team, led by Happy Student Education, has been working hard to bring you an effective mood meter. Mr. Victor Luna, our founder and CEO, is driven by a unique vision: to help students understand their emotions and, together with teachers and guidance counselors, create paths to eliminate persistent feelings of despair. Created by Victor Luna in the Bronx, New York, SchoolsView is free for all students and teachers. Together as a school community, the SchoolsView team can help any organization or teacher improve and effectively implement a Social and Emotional Learning Educational Plan.

Victor Luna

Our Mission: Mood Meter Tracker, Improvement tracker, Empowering Self-Awareness, Nurturing Emotional Well-Being

At SchoolsView, we are dedicated to creating a world where emotional intelligence is the norm, not the exception. We understand that emotions, complex and raw, are at the core of our humanity. They influence our decisions, relationships, and everyday lives. However, in the rush of modern living, we often neglect this critical aspect of our beings.

Our mission is to bridge this gap, providing a platform that is more than just a tool for tracking students’ emotional wellbeing. We are a safe haven for emotional expression, a trusted Mood Meter tool that offers insights and understanding, and a compassionate coach that guides students towards emotional well-being. With innovative technology, interactive insights, and educational resources, and support SchoolsView fosters self-awareness and healthy emotional regulation. Using cloud technology we have created the most effective dynamic mood meter system for education! Easy to use, easy to implement 100% cloud based, and free for teachers. When teachers use our system it creates a culture that promotes social and emotional learning. 

By normalizing the conversation around emotions, we strive to dismantle stigmas associated with expressing feelings. We advocate for an empathetic classroom where students can show up as their authentic selves, having the emotional acumen to navigate life’s ups and downs.

With each mood tracked, insight gained, and step taken towards emotional balance, we are not just charting moods; we are charting a course for a classroom rooted in emotional health and mindful learning.