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Founded in New York City in 2010 by a group of Educators lead by Mr. Viktor, NYC EasyTech LLC (mother company) evolved, and transformed into education software, and analytics company. NYC EasyTech LLC was founded to grow and develop SchoolsView.Com. We have funded SchoolsView.com entirely from private educators’ funding. We are dedicated to students, parents, teachers, schools, and education.

We have established ourselves as the leading education ranking company in New York, and expanding across the New United States and Europe, and Asia.

Public school teachers see things differently. We realized ranking Teachers, Schools, School Districts, and School Principals can play a significant change in the way we teach and learn.

School Principals should be recognized for their diplomacy, discipline, and leadership. We address areas in need of improvement from a macro approach. 

We offer Educational Ranking Software.

Our users rely on our platform to provide honest feedback on their experience with SchoolsTeachersParental InvolvementPrincipals, and Assistant Principals, as well as Educational Technology (EdTech).

We promote fair education. Through fair education, and the need to offer all students an equitable, and fair education. We strongly oppose Critical Racial Theory (CRT) in our schools.

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Our Approach to feedback and collaborative data that centers:


Around Learning & Growing With Your students, School, district, and nationwide classroom data including student motivation, Student-teacher relationship, Teacher principal relationship, collaboration, student progress and discipline, and educator effectiveness.

Training and workshops offerings, improvement programs. Providing performance benchmarks.


Our Awesome Team

About Us

Mr. Viktor

Founder & CEO

Viktor has numerous years of software and educational experience. Working with the NYCDOE both as an educator, and private associate.

Gwendoline Kaplan

Director of Design

Gwen has many years of experience with software and digital design. An NYU graduate, as well as a board member with NYC EasyTech LLC (Our parent company).

Eduardo Garcia

Head of R&D

Our Values



We work hard and tirelessly to improve the classroom. We gather accurate data to rearrange the educational approach and implement strategies to promote both teacher and student progress.


Founded and developed by a group of NYC Educators. Relying on the accurate and accountable data process to offer all strategies and dynamic pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.


We are driven by a single motivation. To provide all students and educators the best education possible consistently across all platforms both physically, and remote learning.

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