Are teachers underappreciated in the United States?

It is no wonder that the teaching profession is highly valued in the USA. However, the teachers are not appreciated and valued as much as their professions. The teachers are compliantly the educators of our generations, and they are responsible for shaping the minds of the students, who study under them.

The school teachers in the USA are grateful for their jobs but, despite the high demand of work hours and low income offered to them, it is no surprise that the teachers are immensely underappreciated in the United States of America, and the following determinants state that why the teachers are undervalued in the United States:

High demand

The demand for teachers in the USA is considerably high; however, the teachers are not compensated according to their services provided to a school. It has been estimated that the school teachers in the USA are more likely to work 45 hours weekly, and they are highly likely to spend 27 hours on assembling the classroom instruction. In comparison to the teachers working in international countries, who only work for 38 hours weekly along with 19 hours of teaching, are rewarded immensely for their teaching services to the school.

Despite the demanding work hours prescribed to school teachers, the real question is if the teachers are allowed to optimize most of their work hours or, are they conflicted due to the extraneous workload on them? The high demand for teachers despite such low income determines that the teachers are immensely underappreciated in the USA, and they should be compensated with adequate work hours, bonuses, salary, and incentives to reward for their hard work.

Arranging for study material

Taking innovative measures to teach a student could be an exciting process; however, it requires the teachers to invest in their classroom materials independently. The teachers working in a government school is often required to arrange for the resources to rigor the interest of the students in the classroom, and to divert their attention to yielding best learning outcomes in the school.

If a teacher works for a district school, the authorities of the district will not take any responsibility of providing the teachers with the tools and funds to arrange for the study materials. However, the district school teachers are eligible for claiming a small percentage of tax breaks, which is garnered from the amount of money that they would invest in the arrangement of study materials.

As per the statistical outcomes of the 2013 NSSEA Retail Market Awareness Study, it was concluded that the school teachers are bound to spend approximately $485 for buying the educational material for their classroom, and these funds generally consist of instructional materials and supplies. In addition to that, it was also concluded that approximately 10% of the district school teachers preferred spending more than $1000 to create a welcoming and happening classroom environment for their students.

Inadequate Salary

The under-appreciation of teachers in the United States is determined by the poor payment given to the teachers. It has been recently found out that the schools in the US are more likely to pay poorly to their countries, in contrast to other countries. The criteria for the payment prescribed to the teachers are significantly lower than the salary paid to other professions.

According to, the annual average salary of school teachers in the United States is estimated at $47,165, as compared to the teachers in England, who make nearly $98,808 on an annual basis. Teaching a group of students for prolonged hours is no easy task, and it allows the American government to raise the annual salary of hard working school teachers.

Why Teachers leave the profession

Why teaching is difficult

Having a certain level of experience

Similar to any other job in the United States, an individual is often required to have a certain level of qualifications and experience for becoming a school teacher. Whether you are applying to become a teacher at a middle school or, a high school, you should have a background in tutoring, and you should be an English major or minor to become eligible for the job.

During the screening process, you are often required to give a demonstration of your innate teaching abilities, and you have to make it evident that how the school would benefit from your teaching abilities. You are also given a few trial tasks, which you are required to accomplish to become a school teacher.

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