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Smart Boards, are they good for students?

Nowadays nearly all NYCDOE classrooms have some sort of interactive display. Now, TEQ.Com offers an array of interactive displays claiming much of the educational displays' market share. Evolution Smart Tech made great quality Smart displays. The word Smart became a...

NYCDOE Principals’ authority!

When you work in a school the final decision maker is the principal, how vulnerable are you? With all our experience as NYCDOE Teachers, we can argue that the principal has nearly absolute power within one school building. Highest position in one building! As...

Do teachers teach for “observations”?

NYCDOE Teacher observations Every NYCDOE teacher is familiar with the regular teacher observations. That is, the tipical observations, in which teachers are observed by their administrators and then given a grade that significantly affects their professional standing....

Physical Education! (Gym Class)

Discipline or corporal punishment? As a public school teacher I have much experience in the field. However, I feel like the good apple in the basket rather than the other way around more times than once! With that said, physical education is a necessary class much...

Acountability in the Classroom?

Transparency While police officers have cameras, and the public to monitor and promote positive behavior. How can we make sure all teachers are accountable? How do we bring transparency into the classroom? Can we trust teachers who may see our children as "different",...

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