Conflict of Interest

While working as a NYCDOE teacher for several years I feel seen it all. However, I feel things are getting much worse over the years. I have seen husband and wife working together. I have seen sisters working together, and I have seen in-laws working together. Yet, can you believe that this is all happening in the same school. Not only that, now adding to the already strange practice, its in-laws working together, when one is an administrators and other the brother-in-law. If that was not enough, one brother-in-law is the direct supervisor of the other. Is that even legal? I doubt that it is, what do you think?

Can you effectively supervise your sister/brother? Potential jeopardizing their well-being!

Siblings working together is not unseen before in the work place. Nevertheless, having one supervise the other is unethical, and oftentimes illegal. I have worked in several schools, and trust me, this practice is not unusual.

Typically, during training, and other NYCDOE activities we are all govern by the same rules, and guidelines. Yet, when you start working in schools you realize that in-house guidelines govern your responsibilities. Your responsibilities varies depending on the school you work for, and the principal and his expectations, and mentality. Though I will leave the in-house rules for another post!

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