The traditional Philosophy of Teaching governing what teachers and administrators do in the classroom!


The reasons you want to be a teacher

There are numerous reasons why chose to be a teacher. To begging with, I was influenced by my initial role as an educational assistant. I became an educational assistant without a desire to become a teacher, it just represented a job. However, spending time with the children, especially the 8th graders, changed my perspective. Seeing the students look up to me as a role model, and how I influenced their academic growth, made choose the teaching field. As a teacher I hope to inspire learning amongst the student. Teaching is a difficult career with many demands. 

Teachers must always remember the reason the chose to teach. Unlike popular beliefs teachers chose this path becuase of a important reason, not to have summers off. For instance, for me, i chose to do something fulfiling, to make a difference in this world.

Goals as a teacher/educator

When I decided to become historian and study history I knew teaching would be a possibility. My goal as teacher and educator is to impact the lives of many students. I plan to develop historically rich lesson plans to help many students thrive in class as well as their subsequent lives. My goal as an educator is to ignite in my students an enthusiasm to learn.

Goals for your students

Students need balanced class goals as well as academic goals. The students will demonstrate critical thinking, deep understanding of information and be able to apply this facts to problems in the lesson as well as the outside of the classroom situation. Students will demonstrate imagination and curiosity. Students will be respectful to their classmates as well as to their teachers. Students will set goals and judge their own learning and styles. And students will use effective communication and cooperation proficiency.


Connections with students

Although I may teach anywhere, I believe that with compassion and caring I can create a long-term connection with my students.

The learning theories/strategies that you will use to reach those goals

I will rely on, among other things, the cognitive development theories of both Piaget and Vygotsky. I will mostly rely on Vygotsky theories of cognitive development and the role of a capable mentor in the learning process of a student.

How will you measure your success/assessment

My success will be based upon the academic success of the students based on assessments, as well as the improvement of the students’ behavior. My general success will be measure by the students’ achievements. For instance, aside from the students test scores, by success will be also measure by their general behavioral improvement across the school and in class.


Although in a typical day there is not much time to spare. Teacher reflection is very important for the improvement of the teacher. In relation with my improvement as a teacher, reflective teaching is a useful tool for teacher reflection. A teacher may reflect on prior lessons, as well as student participation to address important points.

How will you improve your teaching

I will rely on reflective teaching as a tool to develop myself as a teacher. I will use tools such as student feedback, peer observations, and I will employ the use of technology such video and sound recorders.


I will collaborate with my peers to both achieve professional improvement as well as to gain important and useful information that I may need improve my connection with the students. 

Teachers must also rely on technology to promote collaboration between students, parents, and staff. The modern classroom depends in adaptable teachers to grow and succeed.


As a teacher I will be a public speaker, therefore, effective communication is essential. When addressing student/children proper tone is crucial. Communication with students is very important to deliver a lesson effectively. For instance, different learning styles require that lesson delivery differ in terms of communication.


Caring for students is of upmost importance. My desire to be a teacher is anchored on my belief that all children deserve equal care, and the right to learn. Ultimately, from our personal experiences we know that teachers care about their students, and their schools. And the teachers that do not, leave the teaching career as soon things become difficult, but those of us that stay, do so becuase we love our students, in more ways that you can imagine. 


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