NYCDOE teacher
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As a NYCDOE teacher i am very familiar with the teacher schedule. Teachers work hard even during the summer. Teachers are always planning in their heads, looking for interesting and fun things for their students. And even teaching outside of school hours. Teachers are similar to police officers, on duty even when they have their uniforms off. However, there is also time for slaking, for cops, and teachers as well. For instance, the story for teachers its as follows: teachers stop teaching and working hard after the state exams are over. That is, teachers stop working hard after May when the exams are over. Even for the kids, most schools I worked, including my current school. Teachers play movies, and give the kids free time. June is for rehearsal for graduation of some sort, if not for prom. June is for Netflix, Hulu, and amazon video. give me your thoughts or questions and i will add!

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