NYCDOE Teacher observations

Every NYCDOE teacher is familiar with the regular teacher observations. That is, the tipical observations, in which teachers are observed by their administrators and then given a grade that significantly affects their professional standing. Teachers are given grades than range from ineffective, developing, to highly effective. The observations vary from informal, to formal, and normally its a surprise visit. However, one of the challenges the system needs to overcome, it’s the familiarity and unprofessionalism inside the schools. Administrators oftentimes become friends with the teachers, something that significantly clouds their judgment, and impartiality. Typically, administrators are promoted within the same school where they developed friendships over the years. How can you determine the wellbeing of your friend?

Ultimately, administrators oftentimes do not address thd issues that need to be address because they become friends with their subordinates, completely unacceptable!

The truth is, once observation, and state exams are over, teachers go on “vacation mode”. As a result, the students spend most of June watching movies, and doing mostly independent activities!

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