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The Easiest and the most productive way to offer your feedback on public education. Rate Public School Teachers, Schools, Principals, Districts, and Parental Involvement.

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Rate and Review Schools for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Equity in public education is not simply an American movement, is a world movement. Equitable Education Rating free for all!

Equity education rating is our purest form of rating and review software.

We offer a completely free school rating that supports racial equality and inclusion.


Rate and Review Teachers

Rate and Review Teachers using our exclusive equity education rating.

SchoolsView education rating supports parents and teachers’ drive to succeed in offering our students an equible education.

Rate teachers competence, kindness, and willingness to be the best teacher.

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Rate and Review Principal

Rate and Review Public School Principals. We support principals who promote the differentiated classroom approach.

Principals should promote strategies and tools for dynamic teaching in today’s schools. Equitable Education Rating supports an inclusive approach that is fair, just, and productive.

Principals are the leaders of school communities. School Principals are engaging, active, and fair.

Rate and Review District

A growing number of school districts are implementing equity measures to offer all students the best possible education.

School districts manage:

  • Funding
  • Procedures
  • Expectations
  • Discipline Implemention

SchoolsView education rating supports inclusion, and equity from districts to teachers.

Rate and Review Public School Districts from all 50 states, Canada, and growing.

What we do!

We ask key questions, well researched, and through transparent, free education rating. Three questions that support fairness, and equity in public education.

We promote equity for At-Risk students, students with special needs, and fair education.

You choose from principal, school, college, teacher, and more, to rate with our smily face rating software.

Our rating support classroom improvement, classroom community, the elimination of the use of rewards and praise systems, and improved student teacher interactions.

Approach to feedback and collaborative data that centers:

Around Learning & Growing With Your students, School, district, and nationwide classroom data including student motivation, Student-teacher relationship, Teacher principal relationship, collaboration, student progress and discipline, and educator effectiveness.

Training and workshops offerings, improvement programs. Providing performance benchmarks, and equity workshops for schools.

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Rating my school helped us find patterns to create change.

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Rating and Review could not be any easier and productive.

Lisha O.

Community-oriented, it is very significant in our remote learning world nowadays.

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