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As public school teachers, we realized great teachers, great schools, and great Principals should be recognized for their individuality, character, leadership, and drive to educational equity. We address areas in need of improvement from a macro approach. Our team of current, and previous classroom teachers, and school staff. Years of experience with the New York City Department of Education, the largest, and most diverse educational system in the United States. Thus, we implement the most equitable rating system on the web. 

We developed, from years of research, three key and crucial questions to effectively rate districts, schools, principals, and teachers.

Our Rating structure

Rating School Districts

District reacting effectively to Covid 19?

Clearly Covid has negatively impacted most people. School districts have to do their part to implement districtwide procedures, and expectations to keep students, and staff safe. Here you have the chance to provide your rating with the district you are familiar with.  

Do you feel confident about the leadership of this District?

Strong, and consistent leadership has proven to benefit students.This question focuses on the leadership such as superintendents, and directors. Do you think the school district is well organized, and led to have your child attend, or to work as a teacher? This is key to effective growth and feedback.


Is this District constantly in communication about all updates?


Rating Public Schools


Am I an organized school?


Organization is key in any institution. Any educational institution must be organized. We strive to promote organization with your ratings.


Does this school offer sufficient remote learning tools?


Nowadays remote learning has become the go to approach to teaching and learning. Our rating platforms use data to determine areas of need. Such as Google Classroom, Microsoft, i-Ready, Otus, and other remote learning, and teaching tools and resources.   

Do I offer effective parental support?

Parents, same as students and teachers, need support.

There should be after school programs for parents. Such as, language enrichment for those parents who need to learn English. 


Rating School Principals

Am I helpful, empathetic, and kind to you?


Do I drop by in Zoom, Meets, and/or Teams, and communicate well?


Am I involved in remote learning and available?

Rate School Teachers

Do you learn from me?


Am I understanding and supportive?


Rate how good I am with Technology


What we do.

We use your honest rating to find the best Schools, Principals, Teachers, School Districts, More.

Principals, Teachers, and other public education constantly submit their information to be added to our systems. They use the ratings positively to improve and adapt to the students.


Why Rate?

Ratings can help improve Public Education. If many people share the same experience with Principal, School, Teacher, or otherwise. The Principals, Teachers, or School can use that data to improve, and adapt

Rating information is used to find patterns, and address struggling areas, and highlight important achievements, to promote improvement.

We use your ratings to highly the most effective schools, administrators, educators, and the high level of parental involvement. You can use our information to make life decisions such as schools for your child among others. You have a voice don’t let go to waste!!!

Your information will not be shared with anyone, we promise.

Why sign in?

We all hate having to sign in everywhere. We offer oneclick Google sign in.

The reason users have to register or sign in to rate is to maintain high-quality standards and nonbiased rating, verifiable user ratings. 

Users must sign in to rate to protect the ratings, and promote cohesive, and relevant Ratings, and Raters

Can I rate any school staff?

Simply sign in to Rate Schools, School Districts, Principals, Teachers, and Parental Involvement.

Alternatively, users can view ratings from other users (all user ratings are anonymous to the public).

Ratings can be used to find the best schools, School Districts, Principals, Teachers, and much more.


Our Blog

Once you finish rating head over to our blog page where you will find important resources, how to articles, top resources, and materials for teachers, and many other classrooms secrete. Don’t miss out is free!


We offer free Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, Ebooks, and Worksheets. You can download editable Word documents, Smart Notebook slides, PowerPoint, and numerous PDFs.


Rating and review websites are protected by federal laws against any legal action. Both SchoolsView and users are protected under the Review Fairness Act.

Please read our terms and conditions for more information. Users using our platform agree to our Terms and Conditions when they visit our site.





With www.ClassRating.Org you can Rate Teachers, Schools, Rate Principals anonymously, Improvement is what drives Us.

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ClassRating.Org promotes positive classroom improvement and growth. Anonymously Rating Principals, Schools, and Teachers helps find the best Schools Districts with the best schools, teachers, principals, and districts.

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