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How bad are the Teq’s SmartBoard Markers? The short answer is, really bad! Here is why.

Cost starting at nearly $200 USD, required to use the Smart Boards, and as fragile as an iPhone, the (Teq) markers are awful!

The Smartboard markers are poorly made, and poorly designed, and extremely fragile to use in a classroom with small children ranging from 5 years old to high school age.

Teachers normally complain about the poor quality of the markers. They argue that the markers may malfunction from a drop of just 2′ to 3′ feet.

The tip of the pens is poorly designed, the contact with the screen feels uncomfortable and rough to touch. This model has a feature that allows the user to use the eraser on the maker, removing the need for an eraser while taking away the natural feeling of using a traditional blackboard with chalk and an eraser.

There is one setback about the eraser, the eraser is very small, which makes the use of a fist as the default eraser for most teachers. In my school alone, we purchased 20 additional makers to replace several broken makers, costing a significant amount of money, that could have been used for books, or other important resources.

There is one obvious design oversight in the 6000 board model. For instance, these boards come with 2 markers of which you can set one color preference for each. However, how is it that those previous models came with 4 markers, but the only one can be used at a time?

Yet, the 6000 model comes with 2 markers but it has multi-touch capabilities for more than 2 markers? The answer can only be provided by Teq with the 7000 series.

The latest model employs the usefulness of 4 markers that write red, black, green, and blue, and an eraser, with the multi-touch, and clarity of the new panels.

However, yet again Teq does not realize what teachers need in the classroom with their 75’ inch maximum panel size while selling an 85’ inch panel to businesses.

This seems very counterproductive because students rely on a large Board for differentiating purposes. That is, students far back have difficulty seeing the display of that size.

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