How Junk Food Ads May Cause to Overeat

The article “Junk Food Ads May Cause to Overeat” by Shawn Radcliff“ argues that parents do not have all the control over what children eat. Even if parents encourage children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, junk food advertising (ads) may still have a strong influence in causing kids to overeat.

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However, it is about how parents try to help their children eat fresh and healthy foods that have the highest impact on overall health. Although unhealthy food advertising significantly encourages overeating and unhealthy eating habits. Mr. Shawn Radcliff stresses the negative impact of advertising ads aimed at young children.

Hence, Children watch at least 10 food-related ads a day. The majority of these ads are for products that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium.” Additionally, Mr. Radcliff argues that children 8 and younger are targets of ads related to unhealthy foods; high in sweets and other unhealthy ingredients. I think that capitalism allows for both advertisement and choice.Overeat

That is, companies can improve the quality, and health of foods targeted at children, and parents can be more involved. Children younger than 8 may prefer some foods but ultimately the parent or guardian has the last word. 

Parental Involvement

My reason for my opinion is based on common knowledge such as the needs of children 8 years and younger, and their physical capabilities. That is, if adults show healthy eating at home, it is likely that children will follow their steps.

However, even if parents eat unhealthy food, children are incapable of independently going to the supermarket, or grocery stores and purchasing unhealthy foods targeted to them through advertising ads.


Again children do not possess money, nor are capable of working. Although “a recent study suggests that a ban on television advertising of unhealthy food could reduce overweight and obesity in childhood by 18 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively”, nowadays there are numerous choices for healthy foods.

Parents can buy tasty, yet healthy foods that children enjoy. Targeted advertising does influence food choices. But, ultimately people have the ability to eat healthily and promote healthy weight, and overall health.

Ethical Business Practice

My second reason for my opinion is that companies can be held accountable for their advertisements. For example, rather than eliminating ads for children altogether for a small percentage, it would be better to hold companies accountable by implementing laws that eliminate food indoctrination, and subliminal messaging on TV, and other platforms’ ads.

If high-calorie foods’ ads are eliminated helps children lose weight, imagining what it could do to all age groups. Ads targeted at children are typically targeted to parents. The purpose of the ads is to make children ask their parents for specific brands and food products.


So that even if the children like a specific brand they saw in an ad, the parent has to somewhat also like that brand, or product, and oftentimes parents are more influenced by these children’s ads than even the targets themselves.

However, by holding companies accountable for super bad, and extremely high-calorie foods from ever being even produced in some cases. When children are encouraged to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight, this helps their adulthood to be disciplined in regards to eating, and a healthy weigh


In conclusion, children 8 years and younger are incapable of doing things such as having money and other things. While taking the additional step of holding companies to higher standards of quality, and healthy foods. We parental involvement, and companies’ efficacy children can live a long and healthy life.

However, we cannot protect our children from everything, while at the same time not getting too involved with companies to negative effects. Ultimately, I recommend that both parents and society adopt healthy eating, healthy weight, and overall healthy living, not influenced by advertisements.  


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