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Social Activism in the Classroom

Social Activism in the Classroom   Can a school be a force for change? If social activism has a place in education, can it be threaded into the curriculum?  "Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change...


PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING AND LEARNING: TEACHING MATH   Students learn mathematics through the experiences that teachers provide. Teachers must know and understand deeply the mathematics they are teaching and understand and be committed to their students as learners...

2019/2020 School Year Data

rating_form For Download and verification for neighborhoods, schools, and parental involvement email [email protected] Data for teachers and administrators will not be shared.    

Schools vs Parents: How to manage students’ screen time.

Cell Phone Use Parental Involvement Parents need to understand that their role is significantly more influential and important than anyone else. For example, if a student is being cyberbullied or bothered online such as on Snap or TikTok; parents should focus on the...

What is i-Ready? Schools’ guide to i-Ready in 2021!

         Interactive education has been gaining more and more ground on boring traditional education. One of the most popular and useful digital teaching tools is i-Ready, even being used by many educational systems throughout the United States, including the massive...

Top 10 Strategies to Effectively Teach Troubled Youth: Learn to teach diverse Classrooms.

Research shows that teachers in the US struggle with lack of proper classroom management training. Effective classroom management strategies are particularly important when you work with adolescents with different emotional or/and behavioral problems. Many teenagers...

How and Why are other countries performing better in education than the United States?

This research will analyze information on how and why other countries are performing better than the United States of America in education. Recent studies have shown that the education system of the USA lags behind other countries. Public, private, and home schools...

How Does Yelling hurt children’s mental health?

[dsm_perspective_image src="https://schoolsview.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/a-very-angry-man-expressing-his-anger-rage-and-dissatisfaction-by-asking-why.jpg" alt="SchoolsView.com"...

Smart Document Camera 550 Review 2020

Let's view and examine the new Smart Document Camera from the perspective of teachers, from the makers of the super-popular SmartBoard. A Smart Document Camera or ELMO as referred to by many teachers, allows teachers to use the camera of the ELMO to display a...

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