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Mr. Maxwell has a B.A in Computer Science, an M.A in Social Studies Education 5-9 Grade, from New York University, Maxwell has more than 10 years teaching for the New York City Department of Education. Published Author, and proud mentor.
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Demand-side Policies and the Great Recession of 2008
1 month ago no Comment

Introduction Economic recession, as the expression may indicate, may be defined as an overall economic slowdown or recession that significantly affect the overall economic growth, GDP output for a prolonged period, and employment numbers. For instance, “The designation of a recession is the province of a committee of experts at the National Bureau of Economic […]

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The dying educative system of Venezuela. For everyone who believes “Democratic Socialism” is a good idea for America, you must read this. Our source directly from Venezuela explains the situation. The name of Venezuela has become well known by all humanity, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Venezuela today is synonymous with hunger, misery, despair, violence, […]

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edTPA Formated Special Needs Early Childhood Lesson Plan
3 months ago no Comment

Complete Lesson Plan with passing grade! EdTPA Lesson Teacher: ClassRating.Org Lesson number: 5 Lesson Title: Choosing a seed idea Grade/Subject/duration of lesson: 5th ELA/ 45 min Central focus: Generating Ideas about Our Lives and Finding Depth in the Moments We Choose. Essential literacy strategy: Generate ideas to develop real experience narratives.   Requisite skills: develop […]

World History/Social Studies UbD Lesson & Unit Plan
3 months ago no Comment

Title:  UbD Unit Plan Subject/Course:  World History/Social Studies  Topic: World History  Grade:  9 – 12 ClassRating.Org Stage 1-  Desired Results Established Goals:  Ensure all students are capable and confident learners who are well-equipped to understand the following: Show-Me Knowledge Standards:, SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7 Show-Me Performance Goals: SS1 #1-10; SS2 #1-7; SS3 […]

Top 9 Essential Teaching Strategies | Research for Education and Learning
3 months ago no Comment

Researchers at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) have identified nine instructional strategies that are most likely to improve student achievement across all content areas and across all grade levels. These strategies are explained in the book Classroom Instruction That Works by Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollock. 1. Identifying similarities and differences […]

Verified Public Schools Data | 2019/2020 School Year Data
4 months ago 2 Comments
Schools vs Parents: what is happening to this generation of parents?
9 months ago 1 Comment

Why are parents are so upset with the way that many teachers and administrators handle school discipline? There have been many complaints by parents; arguing that there are no consequences or hard disciplinary actions on kids that bully or get into physical fights. However, how can schools effectively discipline kids in the 21st century? Middle […]

Using Technology to Promote learning diversity & Critical thinking, during remote learning in 2020
9 months ago no Comment
Understanding time through History: How to teach students concept of time
12 months ago 1 Comment
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