When you work in a school the final decision maker is the principal, how vulnerable are you? With all our experience as NYCDOE Teachers, we can argue that the principal has nearly absolute power within one school building.

Highest position in one building!

As teachers, we are familiar with how NYCDOE schools work. The principal has the highest authority in a school, only superseded by the District’s superintendent who is not present in any given school. However, a school has to take part in 2 “quality reviews” to show how things are going inside the schools. However, from our experience as NYCDOE Teachers, these visits are rehearsed, to show the greatest growth, and results; something that it is obviously unacceptable. Teachers and others are at the mercy of the principal, simply because the principal has the last say in a school. For instance, administrators can almost do as they please with their staffs. There is a UFT member in every school. But, the problem is that this “Dela gates”, and/or “chapter leader”, is chosen from within the schools’ something that puts them in a vulnerable position because they are teachers and other staff members. That is, administrators can retaliate against this leaders during observations and other school responsibilities.

The role of assistant principal!

The assistant principal is, as the name suggests, assistant to the principal. However, the assistant name may be misleading because these people are “vice principals” as referred to by in other states. Yet, NYCDOE assistant principals can challenge the principal but ultimately do not. The circle of administrators of NYCDOE schools is very close and strong. Administrators become friends and support each other personally. For example, one of our teachers here at SchoolsVIEW.com had an issue with an AP. The AP subsequently, and unprofessionally retaliated, by scrutinizing everything the teacher did. To make things worse, the principal supported the AP, even though it was obviously wrong, morally, and professionally. As a result, the teacher had to leave her school for 9 years, crying. Please share your thoughts!

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