Why are parents are so upset with the way that many teachers and administrators handle school discipline?

There have been many complaints by parents; arguing that there are no consequences or hard disciplinary actions on kids that bully or get into physical fights. However, how can schools effectively discipline kids in the 21st century? Middle School students between the age of 10 and 14, and the occasional 15-year-old. Things are much more overwhelming to this generation than previous because there is access to media and information all over the place. You have apps such as TikTok, Snapshot, and Instagram. All these applications and obviously the Internet and smartphones make everything come together into a digital world for students. As a result, kids have access to tremendous amounts of information that influences their decision-making and social interactions. Therefore, it is not only the responsibility of the school to promote positive behavior, and responsible social interactions with others, but significantly the parents/guardians.

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Parents have rights, but not the right to disrespect teachers!

Cell Phone Use

Parental Involvement

Parents need to understand that their role is significantly more influential and important than anyone else. For example, if a student is being cyberbullied or bothered online such as on Snap or TikTok; parents should focus on the student interaction outside of school because students are not allowed and certainly don’t use their smartphones in school or at least don’t use it for 99% of the time. However, the conflicts that arise from home when they have the freedom to user Internet devices, spilled into the classroom. If parents take proactive action, many issues can be prevented.

Parental Involvement

Parents need to be aware that it is not only the school’s responsibility to discipline and promote good manners and positive behavior, it is their life long duty. At home is where everything comes together. For example, if a student gets into a fight, the school may suspend students or give detention. However, if the student gets home and has the freedom to continue with this argument or fight with the other kid either online or in person, then it is the parents’ responsibility to avoid such things or to get involved.

Parents can block all contact with all the students, and get in touch perhaps independently with the other family to come to a respectful and fair agreement. It is the responsibility of the school to address issues that take place during school grounds. Most of these issues arise from social media interactions, which is in the total control of the parents.

Social Media Socialization

I personally experienced many cases where students got into arguments or physical fights because of an issue that started on Snap or Facebook. However, the issue falls on the laps of the school because everything comes down to their fight or argument within school grounds. Perhaps if parents intervene early such things may be avoided. Taking part in everything there is going on the kids’ cell phone “world” before things develop into a school issue that includes more students. It can play a significant role in students’ positive development.

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