Discipline or corporal punishment?

Physical Education
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As a public school teacher I have much experience in the field. However, I feel like the good apple in the basket rather than the other way around more times than once! With that said, physical education is a necessary class much like social studies and science. Yet, as intimidation, or “discipline* as is widely known in the NYCDOE, teachers and administrators alike take away physical education from the students, purposely knowing they enjoy the physical activities, as punishment!

Taking away things students enjoy is the go to weapon for teachers, and administors. However, this strategy is widely seen as harsh, corporal punishment, or even illegal. I have seen students cry, and get angry which makes things worse for them. Depending on the students’ “likability”, a reasonable outburst (which expected from a teen or younger), may result in a week suspension, detention, or harsher. Once the parents are called in, the parents generally accept anything school tells them due mostly to lack of knowledge, appeasement, or fear of retaliation against their child.

SchoolsVIEW.com was founded to bring issues to life. To pressure the NYCDOE to change, and to reinforce parental involvement, and parental knowledge inside and outside the classroom, that is our goal!

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