Activinspire Teacher Review

When teaching a class, or lecture to students, it is important to indulge in modern teaching tools to promote student engagement.

The use of technology to teach and learn has been epitome with the the Pandemic. Teachers have been able to adapt into the new remote teaching and learning system.

The NEW York City Department of Education and a majority of the academic institutions have modernized their teaching methodology by incorporating technologic elements into their programs. Now relying on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets to teach and learn. Technology is now a necessity for our teachers and sidings.

Thus, from all that has happened, and the swift transition to remote learning, teachers need easy to use technology. Corky, and hard to use technology makes our jobs difficult.

Interactive displays

The use of interactive displays (large touchscreen displays) has replaced the need for a blackboard and whiteboard.

Teachers are always on a hunt to incorporate a new learning element into their teaching methodologies to help a student to acquire a better education while tending to the needs of all learning styles.


While the software gets 2 stars out of 5, the hardware gets 5 stars out 5.

ActivInspire is very corky, not user friendly, and takes time to learn how to use all the features. When we compare it to Smart Notebook, ActivInspire falls behind. In contrast, Smart Notebook is very user friendly, and intuitive.

ActivInspire Promethean World
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ActivInspire ends it being the software that teachers hated, from our experience as teachers. When our school received a grant that only allow ActivPanels, we purchased 11 Panels.

Our school had 17 Smartboards running Smart Notebook, and 11 ActivPanels running ActivInspire. Ultimately, the teachers that ended up with ActivPanels always showed their dissatisfaction with using ActivInspire.

While the software gets 2 stars out of 5, the hardware gets 5 stars out 5.

The ActivPanel I-series offers a 4K resolution, and does away with the overhead projector arm, and integrates the more mainstream LCD display, and an array of connectivity, from HDMI, to VGA.

This modern facet of technology with a five-star rating is equipped with the ability to deliver interactive and engaging lectures to its students, and it helps them to access multimedia lessons.

SchoolsView recommends installing the ActivPanel I-Series into your school educational system by providing an interactive panel for the teachers. Considering substituting their projector-based systems with an innovative and long-term solution.

It allows you to select your desired options from the default optional display, and it is equipped with a premium sound quality and multipurpose mounting configurations.

Which can be tweaked according to the preferences of the teachers and students in the classroom.

In addition to that, you can combine the series with Android Module for generating a tablet-like experience in a classroom for delivering interactive and grasping lectures to the students.

You can also incorporate Windows Module option to your panel to access a smooth Windows experience on a large scale.

Thus, if you do mind the lack of ActivInsprire features, compared to Notebook, getting the ActivPanel I-series in either 65’ or 75’ should be a good deal.

Keeping the key benefits of the Promethean Activpanel I in mind, any teacher would wonder if it is any good for delivering favorable outcomes in a classroom, and the appropriate answer would be—yes, it is!

The series features Ultra 4K and full HD displays, which attracts the attention of students with its 75”4K and 65”HD display sizes.

The system features excellent connectivity that supports USB, HDMI, OPS, and VGA, which you can use in a classroom without any concerns.

In addition to that, the panel entertains a powerful and captivating stereo sound in a classroom, which is essential for delivering memorable and impressive lectures to students.


ActivInspire is a very useful software, required with the ActivPanels. It offers many features, sacrificing ease of use, and user friendless.

Ultimately, We do not recommend ActivInspire because it is not user friendly, and it is very difficult to learn by most educators. Compared to Smart Notebook, Notebook is a given.

60 / 100
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