Classroom management with technology

Classroom management with technology Managing a group of children has always been a challenge, let alone trying to teach them something. It is not...

The dying education system of Venezuela by Pedro Ortega a Venezuelan native, and resident.

Never the name of Venezuela had been so known by all the humanity, but unfortunately for its inhabitants, it´s not for a good reason. Venezuela...

The Importance of Classroom Technology around the world part 1: South America

In these times, the focus of economic growth and development is moving from the industrial sector and the manufacture of basic products to companies...

Smart Notebook 101

How to use SMART Notebook Smart Notebook SMART is one of the most used educational software packages nowadays, being used in...

What is Google Drive, and Google Sheets for grades k-12?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files...

Cloud computing for classroom teachers

Lots of people have heard of cloud computing; but only very few understand its importance. Cloud computing in the education sector predicted to be...

The modern classroom

The modern classroom is filled with innovation therefore as educators would should be able to exploit any resource available...

Common Core State Standards as they relate to Technology Grades 1-8

Common Core State Standards as they relate to Technology Grades 1-8 Grade 1 1.RI.5 Know and use various text...

How bad are the Teq’s SmartBoard Markers?

Cost starting at nearly $200 USD, required to use the Smart Boards, and as fragile as an iPhone, the (Teq) markers are awful! The Smart board...

All 50 states summer school schedules!

Summer vacations are often regarded and commemorated as the most essential part of any school’s year, which allows the student to take a break from...

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