Steroids in baseball Farms

Using Steroids to become Professional Baseball Player is more compelling that you may think. Steroids in baseball is an issue very controversial and at the same time confusing, and compelling. Baseball is the American pastime and arguably the most popular sport in the United States, with 30 different teams and more than one thousand professional players.

Steroids in baseball Farms

Steroids in baseball Farms

Players are expected to be at their peak of athleticism from a very young age. Do not get me wrong, they are paid millions of dollars. Players can become professional, and sign massive contracts in their teenage years. When teens are in high school enjoying life, athletes have to follow a strict routine, with all eyes on them.  

When athletes become desperate to compete at their highest level they often resort to performance enhancements drugs such as steroids. “Steroid is a terpenoid lipid characterized by its sterane core and additional functional groups” Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Side Effects of Steroid Use

Steroids, more recognize as performance enhancer drugs, can noticeably increase an athlete’s strength and performance. However, it also has significant side effects. Such as high cholesterol, high levels of testosterone in men, and dangerous mood swings often leading to suicide according to

Side Effects of Steroid Use

Side Effects of Steroid Use

I believe that using steroids should be a matter of choice. For instance, even though steroids negatively affect someone’s health. Other chemicals, and substances such as Alcohol and Tobacco also impact athlete’s’ heath. Often athletes diving drunk end up in jail, and other severe circumstances. Yet, many time an athlete does not have any choice. For example, the Dominican Republic, a very poor country, has many players in the major leagues making millions of dollars.

Dominican Republic Baseball Farms

However, athletes in Dominican Republic  have to work extra hard because they do not have the available resources compared to American born athletes. Resources such as food, equipment, and trainers allows for early development of athlete’s performance.


These are situations in which a personally experienced. Some players need a little extra to get a professional contract and get out of poverty, not just themselves but entire families. In the process they have to become “ready” before they are 18 years of age, otherwise no scout will look at them.

MLB Examples

Players such as Alex Rodriguez who openly confessed to having consumed steroids needed the “juice” to have accomplished what he accomplish with the Texas Rangers. 54 Homeruns and more than two hundred RBIs. MLB.Com. Moreover, no athlete is forced to use steroids but they willingly consumed it just like tobacco or alcohol.

Honestly speaking, it would be really difficult for a person to understand this dilemma. Baseball players need to perform great, get millions of dollars, put their kids through college, and lived a wealthy life. But as professional baseball players they get fire just like any other job.

In my opinion, I played baseball in my native Dominican Republic for at least ten years, from fifteen until I was 23, and I could not make it, even though I trained every day for at least 5 hours a day. However, at age 17, 6’3 height, 195 pounds throwing 85 miles per hour was not enough to make.

But if I would have any help to get the extra five miles, I would have likely taken the steroids. Right now I probably would not be writing this paper. Now I believe that I would have taken the risk for the price.


Many athletes not just in baseball find themselves facing this same dilemma. In the end, it comes to choice. In conclusion, I believe that using steroids to enhance an athlete’s performance should be left to choice, especially when some athletes have only these two ways to get the money or live uncertain lives.

In conclusion, I stand that steroids in baseball should be a matter of choice, do you want to put your life at risk for the price or do you want to stick to your path and see where it lands.


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