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         Interactive education has been gaining more and more ground on boring traditional education. One of the most popular and useful digital teaching tools is i-Ready, even being used by many educational systems throughout the United States, including the massive New York Department of Education.

What is i-Ready?

iReady is an interactive online learning suite designed to provide individualized, specialized instruction to children. i-Ready consists of a set of diagnostic and instructional tools based on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English.

To begin, students must take an assessment to determine the academic competencies of each student in math and reading. This test is adaptive, which means that the test will become challenging as your child progresses, although the questions will become more comfortable as the students develop and learn the new materials.

i-Ready uses this data to create individualized education programs for each student. You can let i-Ready automatically customize the instruction, or you can use that information to develop personalized instruction activities for individual students or small groups.

Teachers have precise control over the lessons taught and the progress of their students, as well as various assessment reports. You must remember that the assessments must be done several times during the school year.

i-Ready lesson activities

i-Ready offers lessons divided into three parts: a tutorial, a guided practice, and an assessment activity. Students receive comments and feedback in real-time and obtain rewards after finishing the lessons, encouraging their interest in learning.

Each student can choose a topic and a coach within a simplified interface, and they can even read the learning material. Each lesson includes a cast of several animated characters that guide students through each task.

Free Sample i-Ready Log

Remember to complete 30 minutes of Reading time and 30 minutes of math each week! Please put the number of minutes you spend on i-Ready for Math and Reading each day! Thank you!

Minutes Spent on MathMinutes Spent on Reading

The minimum predetermined percentage to pass the i-Ready lessons is 70%, but schools can adjust that percentage. Parents and students should ask the teacher what percentage is necessary to pass.

School district administrators have a complete vision of educational progress throughout the district, which helps them in deciding how to allocate resources, and steps to take to improve student progress.

i-Ready offers interactive Learning Games to help students better understand mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way, losing the fear of what may seem like complex numbers.

i-Ready offers teachers the Ready Teacher Toolbox, teachers will have the necessary tools to handle both class and individual students. In the Teacher Toolbox, there is a vast repertory of instructional and support resources from Ready Mathematics, Ready Reading, and Ready Writing K-8.

What is i-Ready? Schools' guide to i-Ready in 2021!
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The Diagnostic results which are part of the schools’ instructional goals, can be centralized and illustrated for teachers, and schools.

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox also includes background on recommended routines and tips on how to use our program along with other programs in the classroom. It also offers activities of the Mathematics Center that promote exploration in the challenges of problem-solving.


Ultimately, I think it is essential not to use i-Ready in excess, because teachers and students may run out. In those cases, the i-Ready utility goes down considerably. i-Ready was not designed to replace the teacher, rather as a complement to the class.

The developers recommend using it for 45 minutes per subject per week so you can divide it into two or three sessions. As a teacher, you should strive to be able to give your quality instruction in addition to i-Ready. Human interaction and creativity are necessary to promote student engagement and development.

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