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How, and who can use SchoolsView’s Mood Meter?

Free for school teachers. Register a free teacher account to get started. Our Efficient Frequently Asked Question page offers our users the ability find answers to most FAQ questions, concerns, and curiosities. However, in the event that you need further assistance feel free to reach out.

“How do I start?”

Register Teacher and Student Accounts

SchoolsView users can register for a an account, and students can login with their google accounts. Once the teachers, and students accounts are created, users can login once, and access mood tracking feature with ease. Get started!

Class Management

In the class management console teachers can create a new class and add students in the same form. Choose any co-teaches, and add all class details. Once the class is added teachers can then edit the class, or deleted when they populate in the “Existing Classes” console. All created classes will populated in that area.

“I registered my Teacher account, now what?”

How to add students to my class?

Students can use class code to join a class once they register, or have account created buy their teacher. click here.

Join with Class Code

How to use the Mood Meter?

A teacher can use the mood meter by registering an account, creating a class, and adding students. The students will then log in with Google and choose a mood. The selected mood will automatically appear on the teacher’s class dashboard.

Where are students’ moods sent to?

When you create a class you can then selected on the “existing classes” console which will populate with the students you assigned when you created the class. When the students login and choose the mood, it then populate on the class table.

Mood Meter Class

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